Write catchy scripts for Explainer Videos | 2 Essential Steps

What is an Explainer Video anyway ?

Animated videos, often known as "Explainer Videos," are frequently used to convey information in a clear and intelligible manner. A story teller character is used in the majority of explainer videos although some explainer videos rely on animated objects, text, and narration.

An Animated Character ?

In my opinion, utilizing animated characters has lost its appeal and has become annoying for the majority of viewers. A world when individuals have no time for even a short conversation with each other, synchronised objects, text, and narration make it much easier for the audience to grasp that information.

Let's Get Started !

Here in this post I will introduce you with 2 Essential Steps of writing the script you will need for your Explainer Video.

1- Gathering the Mandatory Information

By meeting with field specialists, the production begins with a thorough dive into the technical components of the product or project. It is only possible to write the script that will lead you to generate the appropriate scenes and animation for the video by gathering important information.

If you're going to write an explainer video script, you need to first comprehend both the problem and the solution. This type of meetings will yield material that is either overly technical or unstructured, but at the end of the day, all of the information that you have gathered must be organized in a simple manner.

During these kind of sessions, you should gather as much information as possible. Recognize that you're meeting with people who are experts in the field, and that you don't know as much as they do. Whenever you find yourself overwhelmed with technical material, tell them. You may avoid getting overloaded by taking breaks and asking the correct questions when you don't comprehend what they're saying.

Ask for permission to take notes when they are blasting you with technical knowledge. Take notes while absorbing the information and then write down what you learned from it.

In the event that you're unable to comprehend and write down the information in your own terms, just jot down what you can remember from the conversation so that you can elaborate on it when you get back to your office.

Check with the intended audience to see if they are able to interpret the material in a technical fashion. This is where you decide on your writing style. A basic script is vital, even if most explainer videos try to simplify information that will be delivered in the video.

Ask them to explain it to you briefly one last time if you don't understand the problem or the solution before leaving the meeting.

2- Organizing the Unorganized!

Because your mind will try to create excuses or things that will keep you from finishing the script, force yourself to take action as soon as you go back to your office!

Try to write the problem in a simple sentence that your target audience can grasp once you've figured out the problem described on your notes from the technical meeting that you made with your client. This will be your first sentence in the video. Try to include as much information as possible in your writing without overburdening the words.

Eventually, you'll have to write the solution to the problem in a single sentence. You should strive to describe the solution in a nice manner while reworking technical notes that you've collected during the meeting.

When you're ready, you'll need to write some technical lines to illustrate how the problem will be resolved. Whenever you're employing technical jargon, strive to translate it into sentences that are easily understood by the majority of people. For those who can't get away from technical jargon, try writing the phrase utilizing the technical words and explaining what they mean in a short sentence that is easy to comprehend by common sense.

It's finally time for you to call on the audience to take action! It's best to keep it short, think on the essential points you've discussed, and focus your attention on the benefits that the audience will receive in the end. Tell them what they may expect to achieve if they follow the advice you've given them thus far.

The End

My best wishes for a successful and joyful script writing experience for your next project.

Keep in mind: Get the proper information and reorganize it simply!

Fatih Ugur | Producer @Vidyograf | fatih@vidyograf.com

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